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Veterans for Meluskey

Veterans for Meluskey

Contract with America's Veterans and their Families

In order to fulfill the promises made to those who signed a blank check, and to recognize the sacrifices made by our Veterans and their families I, Alexander Meluskey make the following commitments to our Veterans and their families.

• In addition to living up to my oath of office and constituent services, Veteran's service will be my U.S. Senate offices and my campaign office's first priority. All Senate and campaign personnel will be directed to give precedence to any and all Veteran service cases.
• Once in office, all in-state staff will be directed to open the official senate offices in or around Veteran hospitals, clinics, or centers in order to provide better service for all Veterans.
• To complete an Independent review of the US Department of Veterans Affairs to include all Health, Contracting, Education and Benefits departments.
• To change medical disability rating to the primary determining factor from medical records to theatre of operation, MOS and NEC. Stop requiring the Veteran to prove what was NEVER entered into the medical files.
• To complete a full and independent review of all VA facilities and personnel eliminating red tape and redundancy.
• To re-open POW /MIA investigations and hearings to include POW /MIA families and assure all benefits earned by the duty status are fully paid.
• To review of Burial/Memorial Benefits and cost analysis of maintaining cemeteries in Arizona and The
United States.
• To evaluate and review PTS and TBI protocols as they relate to suicide vs. successful treatments of Veterans from all wars.
• To conduct statistical data analysis of the success of VA protocols for vocational rehabilitation and employment, cost per Veteran and results.
• To conduct Survivor Education and Benefit program analysis and data of cost efficiency or failure.
• To complete a full and independent review of healthcare benefits to include but not limited to: Cost per Veteran, complete review of facilities, clinics and domiciles, doctor credentials, wait times, surgical procedures, and pharmaceutical protocols.
• To complete a comprehensive analysis of VA leased and owned real estate holdings and bonus structure for care.
• To complete a full and independent review of insurance benefits, disability benefit and compensation.
• To complete a full and independent review of pensions, all hiring and firing policies of the VA.
• To complete a full and independent review of the Post-911 G.I. Bill.
• To complete a full and independent review of Veteran's Home Loan Guarantee program.
• To complete analysis of Homeless Veterans programs in the state of Arizona and The United States.
• To complete list of chemicals, toxins and their effects on exposed Veterans, including known effects to Veterans, spouses and children up to 5 generations after exposure and damage to the Veterans DNA.
• To push for and conduct an independent open-door audit by a non-governmental third-party agency where all data will be shared with the public.
• To recognize Israel's research into the effectiveness of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress (PTS).
• To recognize Integrative Medicine Therapy alternatives as an option from the current VA protocol of using psychotropic drugs for the treatment of physical injuries such as TBI, spinal injuries and amputations.
Signed on this 7th day of December, 2015

Alexander Meluskey 
Republican Candidate, U.S. Senate-Arizona Scottsdale, AZ