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About Alex Meluskey

Meet Alex Meluskey

Meet Alex

12806122_1562507307400145_4199449608340108827_n.jpgI was born to Valerie and Benjamin Meluskey in 1967.  Both of my parents were hard working middle income people. They taught me that having principles is the most important characteristic a person can have.

After graduating from high school, I earned a BA from The College of New Jersey.

Founded in 1993, I own and operate Optimum Graphics USA, LLC, a printing and promotional products company.  A company that I am proud to have built, and one that has thrived despite the federal government.

I am also active in the community. Many in the conservative community have heard me speak on the merits of the FairTax (of which I am the Arizona State Director).  Additionally, I am a Precinct Committeeman in my district, a syndicated radio host and I am active in the local concerns of my fellow Arizonans.

I have been married to Roberta Gottfried for nearly 20 years together we have one son and one daughter.


Why Am I Running for the U.S. Senate?

I am running for the United States Senate here in Arizona because as a citizen I am gravely concerned with the lack of direction, lack of principles and lack of citizen representation in our country.  I am in a unique position which enables me to shift my business interests into the hands of others focusing my energies on giving others like me a voice I feel we do not have.  I see too few leaders in Washington standing up for the people. The people deserve leaders who will be direct with where they stand on issues and what they plan to do. After that, the leaders must be accountable to their promises. I will be direct, I will be honest and I will be accountable to the people for my promises.