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About Alex Meluskey




Major General Paul E. Vallely, U.S. Army Ret.

Former Deputy Commanding General of US Pacific Command (USPACOM)

“We need to support America First candidates like Alex Meluskey. Arizona, you can be the first state to change establishment and partisan politics in Washington. You can do this by voting for and electing Alex Meluskey to be your next U.S. Senator. He will help restore the Republic and support the Constitution of the United States. America is on the mend, and we must look forward to a renewed, strong, and positive country and be the home of the Brave.”



Robert Corbin

Former NRA President and Arizona Attorney General

“I have been closely watching the race for U.S. Senate in Arizona. We need people in the U.S. Senate who will stand up for the 2nd Amendment, pay the debt we owe our Veterans, fight to secure the border and stand up for the rule of law. Having been involved with the Arizona law enforcement and 2nd Amendment community for such a long time, I can confidently say Alex Meluskey is the only man who fits that bill. I am proud to endorse him and stand with him in this fight.”


KLEINweb-400x400.pngFormer State Senator Lori Klein

Arizona Fair Tax Leader

“I am endorsing Alex Meluskey for U.S. Senate because I know the depth and sincerity of his character. As the FAIRtax State Director, he has fought day and night to ensure the rights of the citizens of Arizona to keep their money before the government withholds it in order to allow we the people to fund government based upon what we the people choose to spend.

He is willing to transfer the power to the people, so we the people can once again be sovereign and not extorted by government at any level they desire. This will put government back into its rightful position; serving the people. I am confident he will fight for all of our rights in the United States Senate. I encourage all of Arizona to get behind him and usher in a new era of citizen representation to our great state.”


11947488_1478953919097155_8980380395830751116_n-300x300.jpgElly Maye

Leading Millennial Activist

“In the end, not only is Alex a real conservative, but it’s going to take a true outsider to beat the ultimate insider. Alex is strong on veterans, he is unapologetically pro-life and pro-family. He is the strongest fiscal conservative in the race and he’s not afraid of John McCain on foreign policy, like everyone else seems to be. So, Arizona, on Aug. 30, go vote for Alex and until then if you are not an Arizona voter—join me and let’s do everything we can to help him win.”


Alex_and_Didi_Foss-1.jpgDidi Foss

Representing the Foss Family and Joe Foss

“Fighting for freedom, our country and our veterans is the legacy of my husband and the Foss family,” Mrs. Didi Foss said. “We will always continue this endeavor, and so will Alex Meluskey. I am very proud to endorse Alex Meluskey because America needs more elected officials who will throw caution to the wind and actually stand up for America.”


IMG_5814.JPGDick Morris

Leading Political Analyst and Conservative Commentator

 “I think that it’s time to replace John McCain with a real conservative and, in my view, that is Alex Meluskey"