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Where are we heading?

Where are we heading?

Back in June, I predicted the Supreme Court would release their Gay marriage ruling on Friday morning, the day after the Obamacare ruling. Why? If the court thinks that it's ok to bypass the laws that made congress responsible for writing law then why should we think they wouldn’t try to sneak the Gay Marriage ruling in a day after, right before the weekend when people are too busy to notice.


It was just my hunch. I'd no real reason aside from what I've learned on my journey to Washington. Even the Supreme Court appears more interested in self than substance. When the rights of one group are discarded for the beliefs of another, the Constitution is either ignored or misinterpreted. There were alternatives in both rulings that would not tread so dangerously on our Constitution.  It's vanity, perjury of self or self-preservation as far as I'm concerned.  Impeachment and term limits for our Judiciary branch might be something worth discussing.

I do not like to be an “I told you” so person, but I am fairly certain we will look back in 20 years and see how much of an outright failure Obamacare has been for our nation.  A win for Obama's administration is a loss for our great nation.  I'm wondering at what point our leaders will start looking to history for the failures of others as a guideline to a successful plan.  Our founders were able to carve out a plan that works and our leadership has no inkling to follow the plan, and no desire to learn from past mistakes.  I'm concerned we've failed Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches at this time.