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PRESS RELEASE--Meluskey Asks Questions About Ward's Record on Common Core

PRESS RELEASE--Meluskey Asks Questions About Ward's Record on Common Core

SCOTTSDALE, AZ- United States Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey wrote an opinion piece on his website  ( in which he raises questions about Kelli Ward’s record on the issue of Common Core and whether she actually opposes the controversial program.


This is an excerpt from the piece: 

The bill left language stating the board has the authority to hire staff, but deleted the language “under the recommendation of the Superintendent of Public Instruction”. Furthermore, it deleted verbiage stating the superintendent directs the work of board employees, saying the board supervises the staff, NOT the superintendent. These changes effectually striped the superintendent of her authority over the board.

These actions by Senator Ward in conjunction with the governor’s wishes beg the questions:

Where does Kelli Ward really stand on Common Core? Why should we believe that she would be an advocate for local control now, when her actual legislative record says otherwise? Did she really need another committee and another “thoughtful study” to tell her what we already knew to be right?

Politicians looking to continue their political progression have fooled us time after time. We have all seen the damage done by Common Core. The actions of the political class to maintain their power and control over the education of our children has gone on long enough.


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