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Ward Bailed Out By Obama Stimulus Funds

Ward Bailed Out By Obama Stimulus Funds

KelliWard.jpgIn April of 2009, the White House announced on their website nearly half a million taxpayer dollars would be sent to North Country HealthCare facilities in Arizona, with a focus on Lake Havasu City.

During this time, Arizona U.S. Senate Candidate Kelli Ward’s Lakeview medical practice was failing financially, and she was unable to turn a profit. Her staff had all left, and she became a solo practitioner. Leaving Ward unable to afford or staff her 7,000 square foot medical building.

Ward and her husband Michael approached NorthCountry with an offer to sell Ward’s medical practice. NorthCountry took them up on the offer.

Ward said in an interview with “The DO” in July 2012:

“They liked the fact that I already had an infrastructure in place, essentially a turnkey practice they could walk into. So they decided to acquire the practice and open a community health center in Lake Havasu earlier than they had originally planned,”

After the acquisition, Ward continued working at the facility, saying it was “awesome” she now had a steady paycheck as well as paid vacation and paid CME.

Ward reaped the benefits of the Obama Stimulus Plan, and then once she was done with that venture, she began her political career, running as a “fiscally conservative woman” disavowing the Obama Stimulus.

“[McCain’s] simply not the Conservative he claims to be. He’s a big government guy voting for tax hikes, voting for bailouts, voting for new spending,” Ward said April 14, 2016, on NAZ Today when asked why she was running against McCain.

McCain may have voted for the stimulus, but it was Ward who reaped the benefits of his vote.

“Conservatives believe in a competitive marketplace free from the cronyism of big government policies, Arizona needs a principled conservative to bring change to Washington, and cannot trust a candidate who cashed in the taxpayer-funded subsidies of the Obama administration. Independent small business owners such as myself have been crushed by the heavy hand of big government, while political insiders gain special benefits. Those we entrust with public office should be treating government subsidies as a burden on taxpayers, and stop exploiting them for personal profit.”          –Alex Meluskey