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On my first day in office as a U.S. Senator, there are many bills I am proposing to submit, sponsor, or co-sponsor.  Two I will submit and are directly related to our Veterans are the following.


First Veteran Bill: Any member of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches (House Representatives, U.S. Senators, President & Supreme Court Justices) and all Federal Employees must use the same healthcare services as provided to our Veterans via the VA system.

All of the above take an oath to defend our Constitution, so all can benefit under the same system that thanks them for this oath.

Second Veterans Bill: All veterans who have been discharged under medical or honorable conditionsare entitled to receive upon such discharge a medical card that will have their medical records attached, and this card may be used at any doctor’s office, medical facility or hospital throughout the world.

These services will be paid in full by the United States Government.

Those that protect us from others that would do us harm domestically and abroad are entitled to the best we can offer in gratitude for protecting our Constitutional rights.

I don’t accept the system as it stands.  My first bill listed above is to wake up and shame DC into doing the right thing.  The right thing is the simple solution proposed in my second bill.