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PRESS RELEASE–Meluskey Blasts John McCain for Standing by V.A. Secretary Robert McDonald

PRESS RELEASE–Meluskey Blasts John McCain for Standing by V.A. Secretary Robert McDonald

Washington, D.C. – This week, the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald compared the wait times at the V.A. with waiting times at Disneyland.


While veterans are waiting in line and struggling for care, Senator John McCain, while condemning the statement, has yet to call for Secretary McDonald’s resignation.

“Our veterans are being treated as if they are insignificant in our country, and instead of taking action and calling for the immediate resignation of Secretary McDonald, Senator McCain sits on his hands,” said small businessman and U.S. Senate Candidate Alexander Meluskey. “Sen. McCain, of all people, knows the hardships that our veterans endure, which makes this inaction all the more galling. He has failed to fight for our veterans and continues to remain silent on the dysfunctions and mismanagement of the Department of Veterans Affairs. While our veterans suffer, Senator McCain continues to enjoy his D.C. perks. Arizonans deserve a V.A. chief and a U.S. Senator that fights for our veterans and does not minimize their suffering and poor treatment.”

“I am proud of our veterans and their service and will never waver on ensuring they have quality service and care. They fought for us. We need to fight for them,” said Meluskey.

Small businessman, radio host and FAIRtax champion Alex Meluskey is running a grassroots campaign to take on sitting U.S. Senator John McCain in the Arizona Republican Primary in the same vein as now-Congressman Dave Brat’s historic 2014 takedown of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Mr. Meluskey is taking on the establishment in Washington, D.C. and an entrenched 5-term Senator at a time when America needs new ideas to solve our nation’s challenges.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Alex Meluskey, please contact Andrew Shirley at or (703) 739-5920.