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Terrorism must not be ignored.

Terrorism must not be ignored.

Over two hundred years ago as our fledgling nation was trying to gain it’s independence, our founders were able to make one strong ally.

One that came to our side when we had little to offer, but an idea. An idea of a free nation from rule of anyone but the people. That ally was France.


As the French came to our side as they came to the banks of the America with her grand ships, we must stand with our oldest ally as she is under attack.

Attack from an enemy we had the chance to shut down, but did not. An enemy that Barrack Obama and John McCain refused to face. A threat to mankind is a threat to mankind. Not just our Republic, but to any semblance of civility in this world.

I refuse to stand idly by as our failed leadership lets us down time and time again.

I call all candidates to task to stand up and pay attention to what is going on in the Middle East. I question your ability to lead if you can’t acknowledge the threat in front of us, and call out those that would do us harm.

Islamic Jihad is what this act is in France. The French are at war, and we should not stand still because it is the safe thing to do. The safe thing to do for our future is to act now in the present. If we are to secure our Republic we must stand with our ally when we are needed and when mankind needs us.

Islamic terrorism has been in motion for hundreds of years and our founders dealt with the threat of Islamic terrorists over two hundred years ago when they had to defend our citizens and shipping lanes. Our allies deal with these terroristic threats daily across the globe. What constitutes that point too when we take action? History shows that evil does not just disappear, but grows when it is ignored.

We cannot shut our eyes to the quick pace of growing radical Islam that is spreading across the globe at an alarming pace. We must not turn our backs on another global threat just because we are afraid of hurting some feelings. History will tell us time and time again of the atrocities that have befallen nations when they ignore what is right in front of them.   This is not a time for political correctness. This is a time for those that have level heads and clear consciences. It is very clear to me as to what which must be done, and that is to stop this terror in its tracks and eliminate it from Gods green earth.

Leadership is not meant for those who want to take on the easy tasks and push aside tough problems. Leadership is meant for those that would serve and not question as to why something is tough, but as to how can I fix this and do what must be done in the name of the people and this Republic under God.