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PRESS RELEASE--Senator McCain Sells Out American Taxpayers by Bailing Out Puerto Rico

PRESS RELEASE--Senator McCain Sells Out American Taxpayers by Bailing Out Puerto Rico

Scottsdale, AZ– Senator John McCain continues to expand his pro-big government record by voting in favor of bailing out Puerto Rico. Whether it is governments or corporations, Senator McCain is relentless in his abuse of taxpayer dollars by giving it to institutions that are grossly mismanaged. Despite our numerous financial problems and insecurities, John McCain places our finances at risk to bailout governments and corporations.

“The Puerto Rico bailout is simply another example of how John McCain is willing and eager to waste taxpayer money,” said small businessman and U.S. Senate Candidate Alexander Meluskey. “While our country has over $19 trillion in debt, an exploding deficit, and several domestic problems here at home, Senator McCain frivolously throws more of our money away by voting to bailout Puerto Rico and prevent them from correcting their mismanagement and financial mistakes.”

“I pledge that I will never use taxpayer money to protect and bailout another careless government or corporation while we continue to ignore our veterans, cut our troop’s pay, and evade the issues related to the security of our southern border,” said Meluskey.

Small businessman, radio host and FAIRtax champion Alex Meluskey is running a grassroots campaign to take on sitting U.S. Senator John McCain in the Arizona Republican Primary in the same vein as now-Congressman Dave Brat’s historic 2014 takedown of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Mr. Meluskey is taking on the establishment in Washington, D.C. and an entrenched 5-term Senator at a time when America needs new ideas to solve our nation’s challenges.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Alex Meluskey, please contact Andrew Shirley at or (703) 739-5920.