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PRESS RELEASE--Kelli Ward Steals Failed Ad From Failed Campaign

PRESS RELEASE--Kelli Ward Steals Failed Ad From Failed Campaign

Scottsdale, AZ – Yesterday, Mitt Romney’s attorneys sent Arizona Primary competitor Kelli Ward a cease and desist letter for reusing 2008 Romney ads, critical of John McCain. According to the letter stated that "Romney for President has not authorized your use of its protected material... Your campaign has engaged in blatant infringement of RFP's protected work and must cease and desist immediately."



“Most politicians have to get to DC before they steal from other people, apparently Kelli Ward is streamlining the process, said Joel Andres Frewa, spokesperson for the Meluskey. “This type of blatant moral and creative bankruptcy is as sad as it is pathetic and it’s going to take more than a criminally cookie cutter campaign to beat McCain and Kirkpatrick.” The full letter can be found here.

“Arizonans are looking for a fresh voice for the future of their state and all Ward can do is rehash the failed talking points and attack ads of the past. We need more that empty muckraking and shameless thievery. If she lacks this much courage and conviction before she’s anywhere near DC, how do you think she’ll behave when she’s in DC? If Ward needs further edification, she should feel free to take a look at our ORIGINAL ads.

The Arizona primary will be held on August 30, 2016.

Small businessman, radio host and FAIRtax champion Alex Meluskey is running a grassroots campaign to take on sitting U.S. Senator John McCain in the Arizona Republican Primary in the same vein as now-Congressman Dave Brat’s historic 2014 takedown of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Mr. Meluskey is taking on the establishment in Washington, D.C. and an entrenched 5-term Senator at a time when America needs new ideas to solve our nation’s challenges.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Alex Meluskey, please contact Andrew Shirley at or (703) 739-5920.