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PRESS RELEASE - Meluskey Statement on Paris Terrorism

PRESS RELEASE - Meluskey Statement on Paris Terrorism


United States Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey made the following statement following tonights Paris Terrorist attacks:

“Heaven is overflowing tonight with those entering before their time. Roberta’s and my thoughts are with all those who lost their lives and their families in this senseless series of cowardly terrorist attacks by Islamic Jihadists. We send our condolences to our oldest allies, the people of France.

What we see unfolding today in Paris is a direct result of the reckless Obama foreign policy, which has been largely supported by John Mccain. Both are the architects of the so called Arab Spring, which has directly lead to the rise of the  Islamic State and the spread of Islamic Jihad through Europe and into Latin America.

The lack of military action in the region and decisive intervention by our president and congress has lead to the monster that we are watching be unleashed by the Islamic State. 

John Mccain has an adolescent faith in the powers of democracy to inflict change on culture teeming of religious intolerance, superiority and violence for the last 14 centuries. 

I call on the president and congress to take immediate action to reverse the Obama-McCain appeasement to Islamic Jihad.”

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