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PRESS RELEASE- Campaign Staff

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 SCOTTSDALE,  AZ- US Senate Candidate Alex Meluskey today announced new staff hires and positioning.  

Is anybody listening to what you have to say?

There is a reason our Founders created a form of government where the people would be the ruling class, and not the kings. They understood that by creating a republic, the people of these United St...

Where are we heading?

Back in June, I predicted the Supreme Court would release their Gay marriage ruling on Friday morning, the day after the Obamacare ruling. Why? If the court thinks that it's ok to bypass the laws t...

Dear EPA...

Dear Environmental Protection Agency,Why in the world do you think we should trust you?  

A Small Gesture for Our Veterans

U.S. Senators receive a minimum furniture allowance of $40,000 a term. They also receive other allowances for non-federal building offices. Look for me to take my $40,000 + and put it toward furnis...

Declaration renewed

Has your government refused to assent to laws that are necessary for the public good?

Please check the fine print when creating trade deals

Quick gains with a long of big losses does not make sense in most cases when you are talking about the success of any business. 

Racism: There is no place for it and I have no time nor the patience for it.

I had someone close to me question as to why racism is still alive in this country.  Let’s be honest, we learn from our parents and society dictates how we treat others.  

What are your criteria for putting young Americans in harm's way?

The following to questions come from Mike Barbero, a retired general who served three tours in Iraq.  He said that he isn't sure the value of the hypothetical questions being asked of the president...


Once more the “conservative” establishment is throwing away our Natural Rights which our Founders secured with the Declaration & Constitution. Once again they have taken the Bill of Rights and ...