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PRESS RELEASE–Leading Millennial Endorses Alex Meluskey

PRESS RELEASE–Leading Millennial Endorses Alex Meluskey

   SCOTTSDALE, AZ– Leading Millennial, YouTube star and Conservative activist Elly Maye has endorsed Alex Meluskey in the race for U.S. Senate in Arizona.

In a YouTube video titled “8 Reasons to Swipe Left on John McCain”, the millennial star stated:

“In the end, not only is Alex a real conservative, but it’s going to take a true outsider to beat the ultimate insider. Alex is strong on veterans, he is unapologetically pro-life and pro-family. He is the strongest fiscal conservative in the race and he’s not afraid of John McCain on foreign policy, like everyone else seems to be. So, Arizona, on Aug. 30, go vote for Alex and until then if you are not an Arizona voter—join me and let’s do everything we can to help him win.”

The video can be found at:

Alex Meluskey stated about Elly’s strong endorsement:

“Elly Maye has proven young people as well as the millennial generation can be as smart and involved as any other has been in our past. Her endorsement is one in a long string of positive signals we are beginning to galvanize the conservative movement, and the grassroots are yearning for outsiders who will go to Washington and fight for them. I welcome Elly’s endorsement and am proud to have her on our side.” 

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