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PRESS RELEASE- John McCain Doesn't Get It

PRESS RELEASE- John McCain Doesn't Get It


Saturday, September 26th, 2015

WASHINGTON DC- This Morning Senatorial Candidate Alex Meluskey (R-AZ) issued the following statement on Senator John McCain’s post-speech press conference at the Values Voter Summit:


“Yesterday Senator McCain gave an interview to ReasonTV, and it clearly shows that he just doesn't understand the constitution he swore to uphold, Conservative values, or the letter of the law.”

“Senator McCain said he would not shut down the government over the Planned Parenthood human trafficking racket. He said he would not support a shutdown because he would not want to let our veterans down. Where was Senator McCain when veterans were dying while waiting for care at the VA hospital that sits a few miles from his offices in Phoenix? Why has he ducked and dodged veterans groups in our home state of Arizona for the past five non-election years?”

“I would support shutting the government down in order to shut down planned parenthood’s human trafficking racket, and to protect the very first right of the most innocent and defenseless amongst us. “

Mr. Meluskey continued,

“Senator McCain clearly does not understand the Kim Davis situation. He clearly does not understand that the judicial system does not make laws. He has, by default, given up his power as a legislator to properly represent the people of Arizona, by failing to recognize that it is the United States Congress that makes the law, and not the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court ruling does not a law make.”

“Again Senator McCain called for a secure border and for us to stop accepting LEGAL immigrants into the country. I for one, do not support cutting the flow of LEGAL immigration, but again, where has John McCain been for the past five non-election years on border security? Where was this tough talk on the border when he co-sponsored the horrendous Chuck Shummer “gang-of-eight” amnesty bill? Why has he not done a single thing to ‘build the danged fence’?”

“Senator McCain called for the party to ‘unify’. I support unifying our party behind the party’s platform which is strongly centered around the conservative principles that the base of our party holds dear. Senator McCain wants to unify being his ideals, and his ideals serve the Mccain-Boehner-McConnell agenda of compromising those principles through capitulation and surrender. It’s time for Republicans to unify behind the party’s conservative platform and put up a strong front in the face of democrat populism.”

“Senator McCain continues to show that he does not represent the people of Arizona, and he does not understand our constitution or the conservative movement he claims to belong to every 6 years.”

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