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PRESS RELEASE–Lori Klein Endorses Alex Meluskey

PRESS RELEASE–Lori Klein Endorses Alex Meluskey

SCOTTSDALE, AZ– U.S. Senate candidate Alex Meluskey received the endorsement of former Arizona State Senator and respected FAIRtax activist Lori Klein.

In her endorsement Ms. Klein remarked:

“I am endorsing Alex Meluskey for U.S. Senate because I know the depth and sincerity of his character. As the FAIRtax State Director, he has fought day and night to ensure the rights of the citizens of Arizona to keep their money before the government withholds it in order to allow we the people to fund government based upon what we the people choose to spend.


"He is willing to transfer the power to the people, so we the people can once again be sovereign and not extorted by government at any level they desire. This will put government back into its rightful position; serving the people. I am confident he will fight for all of our rights in the United States Senate. I encourage all of Arizona to get behind him and usher in a new era of citizen representation to our great state.”

Lori Klein is one of the most respected FAIRtax and Conservative activists in the state of Arizona.

Candidate Alex Meluskey stated about the endorsement:

“I am honored and humbled to receive Lori’s endorsement. When I arrive in Washington D.C. I will fight for true, deep tax reform at the federal level just as vigorously as she has fought for it at the state level. I thank Lori for backing my campaign and look forward to working with her to enact tax reform that will benefit all Americans.”

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