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Is anybody listening to what you have to say?

Is anybody listening to what you have to say?

There is a reason our Founders created a form of government where the people would be the ruling class, and not the kings. They understood that by creating a republic, the people of these United States would have a voice. It was just the responsibility of the people to keep the Republic via their votes.


Thomas Jefferson believed that the everyday operations of the federal government in Washington DC were simple enough for a regular citizen to manage, yet here we are over two hundred years after our original bill of rights was ratified and these regular people are not handling the everyday operations across the Potomac River too well.

Why is that? Why is there an apparent failure of operational fluidity that our founders envisioned, and set in play those many years ago?  You can try to argue that the world has grown too big, or too fast for anybody to handle the needs of this large country, but I’d suggest to you that there is another reason altogether different than that.

The reason for this disconnect sits with the words of Thomas Jefferson, once again.  He stated that the people should pull their representation from amongst their own. The representatives were to govern while living and working among their constituents.

Our founders gave us the means to do so when they created our republic. Citizen’s rights would no longer be given to the people by the government, but that the government would be given limited powers by the people.

These rights or powers would be on loan for a limited time.  Misuse or abuse, then the people would elect new representation and effectively destroy any cancer in the government.

Our original bill of rights created the perfect springboard for our nation to grow at such a great pace.  Great freedom and protection to the citizens of the United States, and at the same time limits on the government in what they can and cannot do with these powers given by the people.  “By the people” are the key words here.

America was crafted to be a land of freedom and opportunity, with little national government intervention.  We were to have a limited central government that would be primarily responsible for protecting the people - the same people that have given the elected officials their powers.

I believe it is very hard not to see the great power and great trust our founders gave to us, enabling us to self-govern and embrace the free will we were born with. The problem, in my humble opinion; is that too many have forgotten the trials of our founders.

The founders understood real repression, real lack of representation and overreach of the kings, so they gave us the gift of a republic. If we don’t pay closer attention we may lose it.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what” ... With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Can we keep it?  That remains to be seen.

The government’s place in our lives should be very limited.  Increasing the size of government limits our liberty. Thomas Jefferson, stated:  "I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

This is where I see the obvious disconnect from the people and I’ll tell you why I see it that way. Our founders believed that our representation should come from the people, and then those said representatives should then return to the people and live under the rules that they have created.

We do not have that citizen representation that we originally had, and the fault lies at our own feet. We’ve re-elected career politicians over and over again.  Politicians who, if they are even bothering to listen, have no idea what you are saying.  Why is this?  It’s because they cannot relate to you at all. Their interests are to grow governmental control over the people, versus what our founders envisioned, which was to protect the people with very little government intrusion.

How can anybody who has never owned a business, has never worried about their next pay check, has never worked in the private sector, has never been unemployed, has never lived within your neighborhood and experienced the same hardships, the same everyday life experiences that you have truly represent your interests? I’d argue that they cannot represent your interests, because they have absolutely no idea, outside of theorizing, how to represent you.

Think about it.  If you were a basketball player, would you rather have a basketball coach teach you how to improve your skills or a grill master?

Think about it.  If you were a cook, and wanted to learn how to better grill food.  Would you rather go to a grill master or a landscaper?

Think about it.  If you wanted your lawn groomed would you go to a landscaper or to a person that has never done anything, but lead without experience?

Okay, I think you get my point.  You want your representative, the person who is speaking for you, to actually understand your needs. I’d argue that any long-term politician is too far removed from the everyday goings-on of the citizenry, that they have no experience of what it is like to live under the rules set by others. I personally think there is a massive disconnect between our federal government and the people.  I blame out -of -touch elected officials.  The same career elected officials that have created the rules we the people must follow, yet they have not bothered to live under the rules they created.

Can you think of three US Senators right now that have stood up for you and your constitutional rights lately?  Would it surprise you that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul were all citizen candidates during their last election cycles?  All three had never run for political office, aside from Cruz who for a few moments ran for an attorney general’s position before removing himself so his mentor could run for the position.

I won’t say that I agree with everything these men do, but I do recognize that they appear to hold more tightly to the US Constitution than many other US Senators.

Why do you think that is?  It can’t be a coincidence that these three men had never been a part of the rules of Washington DC, when they went into office.  Do you think it's a coincidence that these three men have stood out from most of our other representatives in terms of taking on a bold, yet I believe justified fight to the senate floor, when they have seen our founding documents so neglected?

These are true citizen representatives.  Ones that have not been tainted by the corruption that starts at every level of government bureaucracy.  I see it on the local level in my state where school boards, city council members, and state representatives make decisions that do not hold the best interests of the citizenry in hand.  Most of our elected officials in DC go this route. They gain experience at the local and state levels, move on to DC and take these bad practices to the next level.

What do most coaches tell people they coach.  They wish they could undo the bad practices the person they are coaching is using.  There is nothing more exciting to a coach then to receive an untainted block of talent to mold.

Too much of the talent that goes to Washington is tainted.

You tell me, do you think your representation should come from the people - people that are talented untainted people with great amounts of life experience that understand your concerns?  Or do you think it should come from the same reprocessed group of elected officials that keep creating a larger debt for our children and grandchildren to pay off?

Would you prefer to have representation from men like Cruz and Lee , who questioned if the Affordable Health Care act was a wise choice and filibustered, in order to bring attention to what many conclude to be an unconstitutional law. Would you prefer to have representation from someone like Rand Paul, who argues for your 1st and 4th amendment rights, or life-long politicians that make promises to the people that they have not kept.

Politicians who promise to secure our borders and then don’t even bother to make a show to work to secure it.

Politicians who promise to protect your second amendment rights to bear arms only to turn around and try to limit those rights.

Politicians who refuse to listen to budget proposals that would look to balance our budget.

Politicians who believe it’s ok to reward illegal behavior with amnesty.

Why in the world would any person think these decisions are acceptable?  If a person like this worked for me, they'd be fired.

They ignore the rules set forth, and abuse the powers they have been given by the electorate.

Where did they learn these bad behaviors, this backward way of thinking?  They learned it as young legislators without any real business life experience.  Name recognition and money keep them in power, with all image and no substance.  It's like a great trailer to a movie, where the only good scene is the trailer.

You don't deserve fake leadership. You deserve better.

One career politician actually belittled Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, for a small breach of protocol on the senate floor.  Yes, those of you in Arizona definitely know who I am referring to.

The people have the option in Arizona, if they want a true citizen to represent them.  One that has built his business from scratch, struggled through every tax bracket, taking on extra jobs to make ends meet, and pulled his belt tighter in a bad economy and when government overreach of regulations hurt his pay.

The people have the choice to elect a man who has been true to his word whenever he makes a promise, who is known to work to make things right, who acknowledges that he is only as good as his word, and who understands that his word to another is not to be treated lightly.

The people have a right to have someone represent them that actually listens, and believes the only legislative powers he holds to execute are the powers on loan to him from the people.

The people deserve someone that understands that political power comes from the people and that the guidelines are the Constitution - the best set of governing rules ever created by man, the best set of rules that too few seem to understand were not meant to be ignored.

So here is where I’d like to ask you to think about who you would most want representing your voice.

Most of you would think, “well, me of course”.  I want to represent myself.  I’m my own true voice.  That is exactly how you should be thinking.

I want you to keep this in mind as we are entering the primary season.  I know it’s early, but I want you to go into this process thinking about yourself.  Not from a selfish , “what is in it for me” perspective, but from the “who, if not me, can best voice my concerns, my ideals, and my dreams for a better country and a better world” perspective.

I suggest you look for candidates that believe the responsibility of the federal government is to protect you and then get out of the way so you may enjoy your liberties that our founders sacrificed so much to secure for us.

I ask that you look to the people that sacrificed their fortunes, good name and lives for you.  Then go find others that will follow in their wise footsteps to secure your rights. I ask that you do this, because YOU deserve better representation.