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First They Ignore You...

First They Ignore You...

It was Mahatma Gandhi who famously said, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” When in conflict, if the other side is attempting to silence you, it is a clear indicator they are terrified of what you will uncover about them.

If their attempt at silence carries a possible 20-year jail sentence, you have clearly struck a chord. The indictment of David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, from Center for American Progress, responsible for the undercover videos, which surfaced this summer inside Planned Parenthoods, is a perfect example of these Machiavellian tactics.

I am ashamed of my government and their victory in slowly eroding the transparency and morality our country was founded on. Our First Amendment is not an option; it is not a political tool to be wielded by those who agree with the government’s agenda. There used to be honor in exposing a corrupt murderous organization. Instead, if you expose one and they happen to be a darling of the mainstream media and the liberal left, that honor turns to condemnation.

The government will make an example out of Daleiden and Merritt to show us lowly folks on the outskirts of the Potomac—we will bend to their will and stay silent as they carry on about the business they think we are too dimwitted to understand.


It is beyond disturbing that Planned Parenthood is off the hook for their crimes. Federal law clearly states the trafficking of body parts is a crime. It was also clear when seeing the undercover footage; some of these babies are likely born alive so they are able to procure the cranium intact, or as Planned Parenthood abortionists say using a “less crunchy” method. Furthermore, it is a crime to fail to render lifesaving treatment to a baby born alive during an abortion. Although, we know this federal law is also largely ignored, which was evident last year with a case in our own state of Arizona. A woman faked a cancer diagnosis in order to get her state insurance to pay for her 22-week abortion. Her one pound baby was born alive during the abortion and lived for 20 minutes before dying in a room full of medical professionals. The woman was charged for insurance fraud, but the doctors who rendered no lifesaving treatments for her baby, saw no legal action taken against them. This is yet another case where our justice system is used as a political tool.

The government has no problem putting gags into the mouths and handcuffs on the wrists of whistleblowers who shine the light into the dark, dirty, little corners they hope the public will never see –or filmmakers who make an unpopular video causing a “spontaneous riot”, ultimately claiming the life a U.S. ambassador and three U.S. service members.

There is nothing more tyrannical than a government using the long arm of the law to coerce anyone seeking the truth into silence, just ask the people of Venezuela where they do not have a First Amendment and their constitution is written in pencil. I have had enough of the schoolyard bully tactics used to manipulate and twist the law to indict anyone who threatens to expose the dirty deeds the government as well as the media is so desperate to hide. I will not see America turned into a tyrannical oligarchy.

The fact that Daleiden is being charged for “offering money” for the body parts of these babies, while Planned Parenthood escapes prosecution for agreeing to sell them is mind boggling. When the truth is not allowed to surface, propaganda becomes the new normal.

“The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.” –Patrick Henry


Your humble servant,

Alex Meluskey

Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate—Arizona.