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Alex Meluskey Earns Support of Prominent Conservative Commentator Dick Morris

Alex Meluskey Earns Support of Prominent Conservative Commentator Dick Morris

Scottsdale, AZ –Dick Morris saw the writing on the wall in early April. John McCain, who earned a reputation in Washington D.C. as a "Maverick," refused to answer questions from the media regarding the Saudi Arabian donations to his foundation. 

"I'm seriously worried that John McCain has gone the way of Hillary (Clinton)," Morris said in a video segment from his YouTube channel on April 4th. 

The Clinton Foundation also accepted donations from Saudi Arabia , and the latest NBC News poll pegs her disapproval rating at 54 percent.  McCain's disapproval rating is at 50 percent, compared to just 35 percent of Arizonans who approve of his performance, according to Public Policy Polling. 

“I think that it’s time to replace John McCain with a real conservative and, in my view, that is Alex Meluskey,” Morris said on Friday.

Indeed, having since earned the dubious distinction of being Mrs. Clinton's favorite Republican, the entrenched senator and notorious Washington insider has been in lockstep with Clinton far more often than he has with the newly-formed conservative coalition in the Senate.

Arizonans are concerned with the questionable leadership coming from the likes of McCain on Capitol Hill, and now more than ever, they seek an outsider alternative. 

Alex Meluskey responded to the endorsement in comments over the weekend, saying:

“While our main focus right now is on garnering the support of our fellow Arizonans, it is still extremely gratifying to receive an endorsement from an experienced political hand like Dick Morris. I’m pleased that he can clearly see how this race is shaking out as we prepare to head into the homestretch this summer. While McCain and Kelli Ward have been piling on the negativity, we’ve been busy laying out our positive conservative message to the citizens of this state, and it’s already starting to pay off.”