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Dear EPA...

Dear EPA...

Dear Environmental Protection Agency,
Why in the world do you think we should trust you?


After your ineptitude with the Keystone Pipeline, I would have thought that all citizens of the United States would’ve been on board to eliminate you from our tax burden.

To refresh those that missed it.  The EPA decided it was a bad idea for the United States to refine Canada’s crude oil, have easy access to that oil, lower the price of oil, create jobs in the U.S. and economic growth in the U.S.  I’m not certain at what juncture any sound mind can jump in and try to convince me it was a better idea for any other country to reap the benefits that would have come from this deal. If there was any doubt before, there was no question that I realized that without a doubt the EPA needed retirement.

Now, the Obama administration along with the EPA research is requiring new requirements for lower emission requirements that will by the year 2100 help to lower global warming by less than 1/3 of a percent.  These regulations will increase energy costs for the citizens of the U.S., and it could be by quite a bit.

Here’s the problem.  Even if this is a noble cause and even if there is a need to lower emissions I have three major concerns.

First: How do we expect an already struggling work force to pay higher electric bills?

Second: Why are we implementing this system for a less than one third of a percent temperature reduction?  My guess is a little more research and better science should be achieved first, which would lower costs and have a better attainable success rate.

Third: Why won’t the EPA release their research as to how they came up with these numbers?

Yes, re-read that last part.  They won’t release their findings.  So while I’ve little faith if any in the EPA to act in a logical way, I also now have no reason to believe they are performing anything but an agency scam.

I will not say there is no need for regulation that helps protect our Country from ecological abuse, but our Country also needs to be protected from the same organizations that become so bloated and so power hungry that they become the damaging influence on our Country.

I had no place for over-regulating, over-sized government in my life before now, and this supposedly helping agency looks like nothing more than a oversized inept beast, getting in the way of our economic growth.