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CPAC 2015 - What a Great Experience

CPAC 2015 - What a Great Experience

It was nice to get a chance to meet many of the DC insiders.  Great Radio, Web, Blogger and TV people.  I seem to be following Dr. Gina from Politichicks across this great country.  I count that as a good thing, since the Politichicks are great Americans.

Present were many great organizations with great information and programs to help take this country back from those that would spend it, regulate it and overburden it into extinction.

It was a pleasure to also meet with some great representatives from the hill and make contact with others staffers for meetings.

The overwhelming support from all areas was very humbling, and I will be very busy in the next few weeks reaching out to all of my new like-minded friends in order to help us take back these United States of America for We the People.