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PRESS RELEASE- Alex Meluskey Comments on 'We Are Breitbart' Event

PRESS RELEASE- Alex Meluskey Comments on 'We Are Breitbart' Event

SCOTTSDALE, AZ- Republican U.S. Senate candidate Alex Meluskey today made a statement condemning the conduct and attack on the freedom of speech at K O’Donnell’s Bar & Grill:

“At last night’s ‘We are Breitbart’ event, we saw on full display the freedom of speech attacked by the forces of political correctness. While making a brief appearance, during the opening remarks, at this pre-arranged event—the conduct of the establishment toward ‘Breitbart’ was deplorable. There was no good reason to shut off the microphone and call the cops on American citizens exercising their right to peacefully assemble.


Their behavior was at best a bad business decision by an overzealous employee, and at worst a blatant attack on constitutionalists voicing their concerns and attempting to organize. To their credit, the police officers were courteous, and did their jobs, but this experience at K O’Donnell’s just shows how the politically correct crowd are doing their best to censor and barrage average citizens who voice their concerns in a public forum.

Meluskey continued:

I fully stand with, and support ‘Breitbart News’ in their attempt to organize like-minded citizens in an attempt to stand up for our Bill of Rights. I hope to see and attend more of these events in the near future, and pray our Bill of Rights is always respected.”

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