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A Small Gesture for Our Veterans

A Small Gesture for Our Veterans

U.S. Senators receive a minimum furniture allowance of $40,000 a term. They also receive other allowances for non-federal building offices. Look for me to take my $40,000 + and put it toward furnishing my offices located next to or at the VA hospitals for our Vets. Lounges for them with volunteer staff to assist in any way possible to answer any questions and get results, not headaches.


For me spartan is good for my furniture, I'm not looking to impress anybody with my office furniture, just my actions for the people, which include our best. Our men and women of the armed forces and all those that have served.

I don't accept the system as it is and will do much more, but this is just a small gesture to show you how I feel and how I will support these great men and women.

My plans, my actions and success with my ideas which are formulated by hours of discussion and input from Veterans, Doctors and others will help lead the way to fixing a system that is unacceptable at this time.